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Best Male Enhancement evident that this, among many other of the purposes of my father s scheme of education, could not have been accomplished if he had not carefully me from having any great amount of intercourse with other boys. He was earnestly bent upon my escaping not only the Best Male Enhancement ordinary corrupting influence which boys exercise over boys, but the contagion of vulgar modes of thought and feeling and for this he was willing that I should pay Best Male Enhancement the price of inferiority in the accomplishments which schoolboys in all countries chiefly cultivate. The deficiencies in my education were principally in the things which boys learn from Best Male Enhancement being turned out to shift Best Male Enhancement for themselves, and from being brought together in large numbers. From temperance and much walking, I grew up healthy and hardy though not muscular but I could do no feats of Best Male Enhancement skill or Physical strength, and knew none of the ordinary bodily exercises. It was not that play, Best Male Enhancement or time for it, was refused me. Though no holidays were allowed, lest the habit of work should be broken, and a taste for idleness acquired, I had ample leisure in every day to amuse myself but as I had no boy companions, and the an

imal need of free trial of male enhancement pills physical activity was satisfied by walking, my amusem.ents, which were mostly solitary, were in general of a quiet, if not a bookish turn, and gave little stimulus to any other kind even of mental activity than that which was already called forth by my studies I natural male enhancement reviews consequently remained long, and in a less degree have always remained, inexpert in anything requiring manual royal master male enhancement 6ct bottle dexterity my mind as well as my hands, evermax pills did its work very lamely Best Male Enhancement when Best Male Enhancement it was applied, or ought to have been applied, to the practical details which, as they are the chief interest of life to the majority of men, are best over counter ed pills also Best Male Enhancement the things in which whatever Best Male Enhancement mental capacity they have, chiefly shows itself I was constantly meriting Best Male Enhancement reproof by inattention, inobservance, and general slackness of mind in matters of daily life. My father was the extreme opposite in these particulars his senses and mental faculties were always on the alert he carried decision Best Male Enhancement and energy of character in his whole manner and into every action of life and this, as much as his talents, contributed to the strong impression which he always made upon Best Male Enhancement those with whom he came into.personal conta

Best Male Enhancement

ct. But the children of energetic parents, frequently grow up unenergetic, because they lean on their parents, and the parents are energetic for them. The education which my father gave Best Male Enhancement me, was in itself Best Male Enhancement much more fitted for training me to know than to Best Male Enhancement do. Not that he was unaware of my deficiencies both as a boy and as a youth I was incessantly smarting under his Best Male Enhancement severe admonitions on the subject. There was anything but insensibility or tolerance on his part towards such shortcomings but, while he saved me from the demoralizing effects of school life, he made no effort Best Male Enhancement to provide me with any sufficient substitute for its practicalizing influences. Whatever qualities he himself, probably, had acquired without difficulty or special training, he seems to have supposed that I ought to acquire as easily. He had not, I think, bestowed the same amount of thought and attention on this, as on most other branches of education and here, as well as in some other points of my tuition, he seems to have expected effects without causes. Chapter 2 Moral.Influences in Early Youth. My Father s Charac In my education, Best Male Enhancement as in that of everyone, the moral

influences, Best Male Enhancement which are so much more important than all others, are also Best Male Enhancement erection enhancement pills the most complicated, and the best testosterone supplement review Best Male Enhancement most difficult to specify with any approach to completeness. Without attempting the hopeless task of detailing the circumstances by which, in this respect, my early character may have been shaped, I shall confine myself to a few leading points, good man sex pills which form an indispensable part of any Best Male Enhancement true account of my education. I was brought platinum male enhancement pills up from the first without any religious belief, best male enhancement 2012 in the ordinary acceptation of the term. My Best Male Enhancement father, educated in the creed of Scotch presbyterianism, had by his own studies and reflections been early led to reject not only the belief in revelation, but the foundations of Best Male Enhancement what is com