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Do Penis Pills Work

Do Penis Pills Work purpose of making your society possible, and to perfect it just as the parental instinct was bestowed upon you to protect your infants. All these subjects of adoration have perfectly reflected your intellectual condition, and have been discarded, one after another, as they outlived their Do Penis Pills Work uses until you are just now beginning to realize, that for all these many centuries you have been virtually Pg 113 worshipping yourselves. Your present ideal will, in time, share the fate Do Penis Pills Work of those which preceded it, and in the absence of a prevailing superstition, your seers luckily cannot build up for you another one. Your long period devoted to the pursuit of phantoms is rapidly passing away, and your new age of rationalism is approaching. You have no just conception Do Penis Pills Work of the evils it will remove, and the glories it has in store for you. The difference between your present Do Penis Pills Work and futur.e religion can be easily outlined. Your present religion, from a long course of erroneous teaching, is intense, aggressive and hysterical. It Do Penis Pills Work feeds and fattens itself upon the miseries of life, which it does not undertake to remov

e, except in a meretricious way for effect. Your religion of the future will be Do Penis Pills Work Do Penis Pills Work Do Penis Pills Work tranquil and voluntary, and its chief mission will be to permanently reduce the evils sexual performance enhancer and misfortunes of life to a minimum. The impulses of your present religion are entirely apart from fierce big male enhancement the moral sense, a significant fact easily substantiated by a glance over the every day life of your people. Except in their observance of religious Do Penis Pills Work forms, your devout are not distinguished from your profane. The practical virtues are no greater among believers than among unbelievers. Your coming Pg 114 religion will be founded upon which male enhancement pills actually grow the moral sense, and will be inseparable from it. It will support no doctrine of a ready research best male enhancement pills and convenient atonement for bad acts, as the present one does. It will teach you that there can be no complete reparation of an evil deed except i.n its undoing, and that such prelox male enhancement side effects an act, once performed, spreads its dire consequences in accordance with its enormity over a part or the whole career of the doer. It will not Do Penis Pills Work undertake to unburden the conscience of a Do Penis Pills Work crime, nor to give assurance of celestial bliss Do Penis Pills Work to the mos

Do Penis Pills Work

t heinous of offenders, upon the trifling and fallacious compliance with religious forms. Your peculiar religious beliefs have so shaped Do Penis Pills Work and moulded your character that we have observed, what you are not likely to see of yourselves, certain traits or inclinations which are not promising Do Penis Pills Work as factors in your ultimate regeneration. Your churches, with the shrewd purpose of rendering their services invaluable, have given you to believe that your natural tendencies are evil, and that the unavoidable misfortunes and sorrows of Do Penis Pills Work your lives Do Penis Pills Work are but penalties for your many misdeeds. The general acceptance of this belief has lowered your pride, and given you, to some extent, that character of dejection and submissiveness which is entirely subversive to the attainment Do Penis Pills Work Pg 115 of any destiny to be r.eached by yourselves. There is a quality of mind which we acknowledge as, above all others, the one which has assisted us to our present very Do Penis Pills Work desirable social condition, and that is the feeling to resist the perpetration of a mean or bad act, on account of the sense of degradation it inflicts upon the feelings of

male breast development the doer. This motive of conscience, so plainly the offspring of self esteem, and growing out of a cultivation of the mind alone, without any regard whatever to creed influences Do Penis Pills Work longevex maximum male enhancement or teachings, is totally ignored, either as a promoter of virtue or preventive of vice, by all the religions that have existed upon your planet. The reason for this is easily male enhancement surgery in philadelphia explained. Under the knowledge that a bluefusion all natural male enhancement supplement 4 pills cultivation of the mind and conscience, without creed influence, was capable Do Penis Pills Work of doing for you a better service in the advancement of your morals than Do Penis Pills Work your churches have performed, it has been made a part of their doctrine to belittle Do Penis Pills Work and abuse your purely intellectual Do Penis Pills Work faculties, under the unwarranted and unreasonable imputation that the free exercise of erectile male enhancement dropship from china your.reason was an assumption beyond your right. And all this, too, in face of the overwhelming evidence about you, that the most corroding and dangerous of your vices germinate and Pg 116 seed themselves only in places where the mind lies in fallow. There comes to us from our remote ages, through tradition Do Penis Pills Work and history, an account of some superstitious beliefs